Learning in Nature

There is a place that exists where we turn when we need a change of scenery. For us, it’s exiting the doors of our home and feeling the Earth under our feet. It’s the warmth of the sunshine soaking in our skin and the blow of the cool breeze through our hair. Whether it’s sprinkling … More Learning in Nature

The Perfect Patina.

I have a love affair with Copper. I know, it’s something not normal people say, but I’ve never claimed to be normal. You see, my husband is an electrician by trade and has supplied me with plenty of used, old Copper that customers no longer want went they upgrade their services. Anyways, he brings all … More The Perfect Patina.

The Other Side

Adventure waits on the other side of fear. That is what I keep telling myself each day when I feel comfortable and settled. When I opt to do what I know instead of what I dream about often. Maybe it’s self doubt, anxiety, insecurity or just plain fear, I hinder myself from leaping forward to … More The Other Side

The Messy Days

The days that slightly paralyze you. The ones you cannot plot the course, and it takes all your might to maneuver with your head fully above the water. Those days are the messy ones – the muddy days. Life is hard. In order to learn how to cope with the messy days we need to have … More The Messy Days

Be Kind Anyway.

Walking in the street, his path was guided by his walking stick stretching out and touching the ground in front of him. He didn’t pause for even a second, trudging up the hill at a fast pace. I pulled my car to the side and waited for him to pass. My friend and I were galavanting … More Be Kind Anyway.