Wandering in the Woods

Exploring nature together is one of my favorite activities we do as a family. Spring and Summer encompassed many hikes for us from familiar terrain to new adventures. There is an importance in these times together. A new era of trust and companionship we are all building with each other. To see the bonds grow… Continue reading Wandering in the Woods


The Point of Adventure

If you could go on an adventure, where would you choose? When you read the words, let's be adventurers, are you filled with excitement? defines adventure as: an exciting or very unusual experience. Participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises. Every so often adventure calls on us. And, when it does, we answer without hesitation. My… Continue reading The Point of Adventure


Reclaiming Childhood

It is how it’s supposed to be in their eyes. They wake at their own designated times, and begin to embrace the day. One boy is dressed and out the door.  No sooner than I can empty a fresh brewed pot of coffee into four mug refills, he is off to feed the dogs, and explore… Continue reading Reclaiming Childhood

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Your Life Story Through Beauty & Chaos

We all have a life story. A story composed of growth, change, and experiences throughout many years, pressed together to teach us more about ourselves. When we get the opportunity, sharing our stories has the potential to be therapeutic, not just for the storyteller, but for the listener, as well. I realized what I miss about… Continue reading Your Life Story Through Beauty & Chaos


Alternative Education; Our Perspective

With thousands of books at his disposal, he sat cross legged on the floor perusing the stacks of perfectly lined and organized shelves, intent on finding all the books on the topic that intrigued him the greatest this week. One by one, he spotted what he was looking for and arranged them perfectly on the… Continue reading Alternative Education; Our Perspective

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The Calm Approach to Life.

What is the calm approach? A way to not only react, but, more importantly, respond to the hiccups that encompass life. Those misadventures we encounter, the tantrums our kids throw, the behaviors we aren’t fond of from our neighbors, co-workers, friends, and even family, all the the ability to elicit a negative, rash and infuriating… Continue reading The Calm Approach to Life.

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For the Woman with the Fire of the Sun & Pull of the Moon.

Life events tried to break her. Meeting her at nearly every turn. The harder she fought, the more battle she met. She refused to bow down to the defeat, and instead, rose up and stood her ground. “I refuse to be defeated," she shouted into the wind. The roar from the skies shook her, but… Continue reading For the Woman with the Fire of the Sun & Pull of the Moon.


The Question

I sat confidently in the chair, not knowing what questions she would ask me. My friend for 10 years, I was comfortable in her studio. Speaking into the microphone that would transmit my words into the homes and vehicles of numerous listeners. She asked the question with such wonder and authenticity. How do you homeschool… Continue reading The Question

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Icicle Magic

These icicles, practically perfect in their formation, caused increased anticipation and warranted preparedness preluding its arrival. For days, people speculated and observed data about its path and intensity. The worst was to be expected. It may not have occurred the day it was forecasted to happen, and maybe not to the full strength of what… Continue reading Icicle Magic

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Seek the Magic

The moment demanded my full attention. I pursed my lips, straightened my posture and held my head high. With that powerful stance I said one word. No. I know this is something I need to get done, and it will, but right now, my children are outside making mud pies and laughing hysterically as they… Continue reading Seek the Magic