My Story


{Updated 4-27-2017}  *** When I began this blog with the title Farm Gypsy in the fall of 2011, I was uncertain of what words would fill each post. As I approach six years with this blog, I’m zoning in on the path I want to take. With that, I am slowly fading out the name Farm Gypsy, and adding in my name. I believe this is essential for what I have in mind as to where I want to take this blog, and more so, myself.  I wanted to keep all of the content I’ve orchestrated with this one. I truly believe the Farm Gypsy blog has guided me to where I am now.  That’s the main reason I am altering this blog, and not creating a brand new one. All the archived posts are the words I’ve written from my soul. They are essential to the transformation I’ve experienced all these years. I hope you stay with me for the journey ahead. ***

Last year, I wrote an in depth about what Farm Gypsy meant. Read more Discovering the Meaning of Farm Gypsy

Farm Gypsy began in the fall of 2011 as an outlet for creative expression. Writing and photography were my passion, as was traveling. We settled soon after on five little acres and my world changed. Creative talents collided, and with the help of my husband, Farm Gypsy developed into something I never quite imagined. I dabble in many hobbies, but my favorite part of blogging is sharing with you the path I made for myself and my family. The truths we discovered, and the simplistic life we strive to live.


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